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2018-08 Open Technology Seminar, Kamo High Print
July 2018
Open Technology Seminar, Kamo High School, 2018-08-17 Fri- Invitation to Register

Please click this link to register.  We will need your personal name, organisation or affiliation name if applicable (such as Kamo High), position or role if applicable (such as Physics Teacher), and email address.

This series started soon after the Millennium started and was initially intended for the benefits of students.  It was later extended to teachers and recently opened to the public.  This forthcoming event is coordinated by Sarah Garner who was the convenor of the New Zealand Science Technicians Conference in 2017.  Sarah invited Compucon to be the keynote speaker of the Conference and Sarah reported afterwards that our talk on the Milky Way obtained very favourable feedbacks from the audience of 100 science technicians.  For this forthcoming event, Sarah recommended the theme to be artificial intelligence and machine learning.  This is a mere coincidence with the R&D efforts currently happening in Compucon.  We will open this event for registration right away to Compucon peers.  Please register by replying to this email.

Kamo High School, Whangarei, 2018-08-17 Friday
2:00 – 2:10pm     Reception (Convenor Sarah Garner)
2:10 – 3:30pm     What is Machine Learning All About? (TN)
3:30 – 4:00pm     Review & Floor Discussions (Haggis Henderson from Whangarei Girls)
4:00 – 4:45pm     Muffin & Tea

The theme is Artificial Intelligence (AI) or specifically Machine Learning (ML)- a theme that empowers autonomous vehicle driving, machines beating human champions in chess playing, digital assistants (not human) taking customer enquiries on the phone, and so on.   Is Machine Learning going to change the way we live and work from now on?  For sure, it has gathered the highest volume of investments across the world and it has already produced a lot of changes to the way we do research and development.  
This talk will be given in a tutorial format to suit an audience that may cover a wide variance of people in knowledge domains and academic levels.  It will include a lot of examples from our daily life for illustrating how Machine Learning developed since 1950’s up to the current moment.  The presenter has supervised undergraduate and master degree university students on this theme for the last 2 years and has been appointed an official PhD adviser of a student who will work on this theme as part of his PhD studies.  This helps to ensure that the information presented attains a certain level of academic standards.  In brief the talk will be easy to follow and yet substantial enough as a knowledge on-ramp.  It will give teachers, school principals, professionals, business managers, engineers, technicians, and senior students an update of how the world is evolving in this respect.
The talk will address the 3 questions below.
1.     What is Machine Learning?
2.     How does Machine Learning work?
3.     Will Machines Overtake Human?
The above sessions will be open to questions from the audience at any moment and at the end.  Furthermore, our guest speaker (Haggis Henderson from Whangarei Girls) and our seminar convenor (Sarah Garner from Kamo High) will assist in ‘stirring up’ a bit during the sessions as efforts to ensure that the talk is understandable to all and enjoyable by all.

Please click this link to register.  We will need your personal name, organisation or affiliation name if applicable (such as Fletcher Consultants), position or role if applicable (such as System Analysis), and email address.