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1st Low Cost Network Attached Storage for Small Businesses Print
August 2004
The demand for file storage has been increasing exponentially due to the popularity of the Internet, email and multimedia applications. Small offices such as real estate brokers, lawyers, accountants etc demand storage for sharing files and for quick retrieval. Executives demand back up of their critical files with as little effort as possible or with total transparency. The traditional answers to these demands have been less than exciting. Some IT managers would increase the storage size of hard disks in the fileserver, and the fileserver would become a bottleneck reducing responsiveness to the entire network. Some IT managers would install network storages that cost $6,000 and above and these storages in turn create more work for the IT manager. At last, Compucon is proud to announce today the release of the 1st NAS device for small businesses addressing practically all user requirements. Please see the product here (link to be fixed).