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2019-07-10 MYM C4SKA - Colloquium Print
June 2019
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Mid-Year Mini (MYM) Computing for SKA (C4SKA) Colloquium

The Local Organising Committee warmly invites you to attend the 5th annual MYM Colloquium hosted by the SKA NZ Alliance.  Registration is free of charge, but pre-registration is strictly necessary for seating and catering purposes.  

Dates: Wednesday 2019-07-10
Time:  Reception at 1:00pm and Event closes at 5:00pm with a tea/coffee break in between
Presentations: see next page
Venue: Sir Paul Reeves Building WG404, AUT City Campus (View map: AUT-campus-map-city.pdf)  

This event focuses on the science and computing challenges presented by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), globally one of the 21st century’s biggest and most ambitious astronomy projects.  The project has recently completed the Pre-Construction Design Phase and is currently in the transition towards Construction.  The NZA team participates in 2 work areas, namely the Central Signal Processors (CSP) and Science Data Processors (SDP).  CSP solutions will be based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies and SDP solutions will be based on Commercial Off-the-Shelf PC technologies.   NZ is involved in both hardware and software, and co-design.  Open standards and open source are emphasised.

This event is designed to engage the public to understand the NZA team's involvement in the project and to see the benefits for future scientific discoveries.  Presentations will be given at an overview level without involving too many technical term abbreviations.  Constructive discussions would be most welcome.

Go here for the registration form.