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Compucon IPVS History Print
June 2020

IPVS stands for Internet Protocol based Video Surveillance

An IPVS system consists of a number of cameras, cabling to bring camera images to a central computer, and a central computer inclusive of image recorder. The central computer processes images captured by cameras (called camera footage) to produce useful information for surveillance purposes. For example, we can get alarm alerts from an IPVS system when motion is detected in a pre-defined area by one of its cameras. Motion Detection works on change of pixel state (from 0 to 1 or vice versa) of a pre-defined area on a camera image. The user pre-defines the areas and how many pixel changes constitute motion. We can view the camera images in real time or play back the recording to revisit previous images. Recording for play back purposes would be done for video clips initiated by motion detection only.


Compucon first entered IPVS in 2008

Compucon has been a PC desktop and fileserver system designer, integrator, and manufacturer in Auckland since 1992.  The company achieved ISO-9001 quality management system certification in 1995 and has been revalidated for the standard ever since.  The entry to IPVS systems took place in 2008 and Compucon was presumably the first New Zealand PC manufacturer to introduce Internet Protocol (IP) technology to video surveillance in New Zealand at that time. 

Among various sites installed with Compucon IPVS systems was one in Kaikohe which is about 3 hours of drive from Auckland in Northland.  The system there covered a geographic area of 1km radius and brought all camera footages to a central PC-based video processor and recorder next to the local police station.  All systems installed took advantage of new technologies to improve the value of the system whilst keeping the total cost of ownership as low as possible. 

As the primary business of all Compucon peers were IT consultants and service providers, the IPVS business was not proactively pursued since.  Compucon resumed attention on IPVS in late 2019 and found most local suppliers have moved forward in the same direction as Compucon in essence but not necessarily at the same level of sophistication.



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