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Merits of Compucon IPVS Systems Print
June 2020
Technologies for Advancing Civilisation Merits of Compucon IPVS Systems are mainly due to 28 years of computing hardware design and integration knowledge and experience which is being applied to video surveillance. Major advantage is system design capability incorporating PC and IT technologies which are meant for improving productivity and cost in the long run. Like 12 years ago, competitors will eventually catch up if we stay stagnant. So what is different this time? 

Compucon IPVS Licenses

Compucon has adopted a licensing model for IPVS business starting in 2020. All business partners who are involved in Compucon IPVS business have to be trained and certified, and will involve Compucon in all phases of the project. Since Compucon is based in Auckland, the licensing requirements imply that IPVS projects will be taken up in Auckland only initially. The licensing model may expand to other regions in the near future.

The licensing business model allows Compucon to retain control of the quality of system design and implementation which in turn depends on direct understanding of customer’s usage requirements. These factors altogether will allow Compucon to advance to newer technologies in the right direction. 

System Design or Off-the-Retail-Shelf?

Why other IPVS suppliers may not have the level of sophistication as Compucon? Observations of the local industry have suggested that most of the IPVS suppliers do not have a PC system design background.  We may argue that other backgrounds are sufficient to install IPVS systems for generic security requirements. True until we look at a deeper level. If installers do not have IT and PC technology knowledge, they could not do any detail usage design beyond whatever is given by off-the-shelf products. This is the point where Compucon takes off. Compucon knows about IT and PC technologies and is capable of designing IPVS systems to meet specific customer usage requirements rather than just commodity requirements. Compucon (CNZ) also holds a current government issued physical security system consulting and installation license and all IPVS projects will be controlled by certified consultants. 

Do you want to know more?

So what are the special merits of Compucon IPVS systems? As each site is different, a Compucon project adviser will be happy to visit your site to do an appraisal. Please enter your details on this page

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