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Queens Lodge, with 500+ apartment units & Retail complex Print
June 2020

Queens Lodge is a building with more than 360 individually owned apartment units. The Body Corporate of Queens Lodge engaged CNZ to provide monitoring recording for all lifts and stair entrances.  CNZ installed an IPVS System within 4 weeks of engagement on a budget that is lower than offered by many security camera or CCTV system installation companies. Pain point to the client is that the site has many access points for pedestrians and cars.  

Specification of the site is, that we installed dome shape cameras which are considered to be less intrusive to law biding residents. The cameras have high 1280 x 1024 resolutions and produce clear images. IPVS CCTV is Scalable, a good example of upgrading on top of the existing IPVS.

This project is a good reference on the scalability advantages of IPVS systems.  We completed another IPVS project in August 2009. In this project, the scope was to supervise a new building called King Square that is adjacent to Queens Lodge, a new car park and new retail shop fronts with 10 more Megapixel cameras.  

Upgrade: We upgraded the existing IPVS system in Queens Lodge of its NVR storage  (Network Video Server) so as to process more cameras and to maintain footage for 14 days duration.  The network in the background was also upgraded to ensure that all signals stay fluid.  During the process, the NVR was taken out of service for 2 days and it is the only inconvenience caused to the Body Corporate.  Otherwise, the upgrade was completed on time and within budget. 










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