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System Health Program Print
June 2020

This is an ongoing service to maintain and support the surveillance system by checking its health every fortnight. It is done by our in-house staff.  Small issues that can be fixed remotely would be done in the background free of charge.

Myth: This is not a duplication of the hardware warranty for cameras or the NVR server.  Hardware warranty normally means the supplier will repair or replace a piece of hardware reported by the client as faulty.  Hardware warranty normally has a period of 1 year, 2 years, or sometimes 3 years.  The System Health Program is a proactive scheme of checking the health of the entire system.  It is akin to human health checking programs.

Myth 2: This program does not mean sending a technician to wipe camera lens or vacuum clean any piece of hardware.  The program attends to issues that may not be visible to human eyes.  Wiping or vacuuming can be done by a cleaner but health checks have to be done by a qualified nurse and doctors in the background.

As computer and digital equipment do fail, it is important that any failure is rectified immediately before an intrusion or offence takes place. Compucon offers a low-cost package for remote system health monitoring.  This program can go on well beyond 10 years to ensure that the capital investment made by clients 10 years ago is still producing its return beyond the figures given on the balance sheet.   


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