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Horn Speaker Scares off Intruders (2021) Print
September 2021
  • One of the Compucon sites in Auckland CBD suffered a major fault of its carpark entrance gate which was near the end of its useful life. The gate could not open or close properly and it had to be replaced by a new one. The replacement procedure took about 2 weeks to complete. In the meantime, the carpark had no gate to protect cars inside. The area has a large number of street kids and zombies. Without a gate, the building owners and tenants felt very vulnerable.
  • Compucon was called up for emergency help. Compucon took 5 calendar days, including Saturday and Sunday, to do the system design and install cameras to monitor the gate and various locations inside the carpark. Most impressive of all, Compucon installed a horn speaker at the gate to scare off zombie intruders at night. The speaker is triggered by the camera detecting motions close to the camera (which could be zombies) and plays back a pre-recorded script. A provision has been made to send an alert email message to the building manager at the same time if he wants. The building manager can speak to the zombies remotely from his mobile phone. 
  • The clients were very thankful to Compucon of the fast actions taken to give a certain level of protection to the building.   
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