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Microsoft Extends Windows XP Stay Print
September 2007

Microsoft extends Windows XP's stay
A News Digest (extracted from reputable sources)

Source: CNET
Published: September 27, 2007, 4:56 PM PDT

Large PC manufacturers were slated to have to stop selling XP after January 31. However, they have successfully lobbied Microsoft to allow them to continue selling PCs with all flavors of Windows XP preloaded until June 30, a further five months. Microsoft also plans to keep XP on retail shelves longer and will allow computer makers in emerging markets to build machines with Windows XP Starter Edition until June 2010.
Microsoft, for its part, sought to downplay the impact of the move disagreeing with the notion that there is still strong demand for XP. "We wouldn't term it strong," said Kevin Kutz, a director in Microsoft's Windows Client unit. "We would describe this as accommodating a certain element who needs more time." Kutz said Microsoft had seen similar demand patterns with past releases and noted that in the past, old operating systems remained available for around 18 months after the release of a new operating system.