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Compucon Gains Recognition from New Zealand Business Communities Print
January 2008
The passage of December has not only given us the most wanted time for a physical and mental rejuvenation, it has also given us a most wanted business result.  For the first 9 months of operation in the current fiscal year, Compucon New Zealand have built and supplied 25% more Compucon systems compared to the same period last year and gained 10% more revenue.  The difference between the two figures does imply a decline of unit system price, especially at the high end and server range.  Nevertheless, an increase of 10% is still substantial and is definitely not arbitrary or an error.  It is the first time since the turn of the millennium (the Y2K Event) that we have out-performed the industry trend so substantially.  Updates from our peers in the local PC industry have been less encouraging.  Why is there the difference of results?  We think it is down to the words "reliability" versus "commodity".  We have never treated computer systems as commodity and have been religiously applying our engineering knowledge to produce system platforms that help customers.  Hardware is the platform for enabling productivity and competitiveness gains. The PC Hardware Industry cannot be dead and the Business PC is not a commodity per se.  To consolidate our position and future, our effort in 2008 will be in reducing channel partners' involvements in non-productive work so that the group can spend more time to help customers productively. The Continuous Professional Development program for the year will be structured along this direction.  We will open some of the seminars to the business end user community.  Feel free to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out if you can benefit from the program.