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Tandberg Data Appoints Compucon as New Zealand Partner Print
April 2008
Tandberg Data is a world class backup storage technology leader based in Norway with a global distribution network including the Asia Pacific region.  It has been a key player in backup technologies such as SLR (Scalable Linear Recording) in the past and LTO (Linear Tape Open) in more recent times.  As its technologies are more applicable for corporate organizations instead of the SOHO market, Tandberg has identified and subsequently appointed Compucon as its natural partner for applying and supporting Tandberg technologies in New Zealand.  Cheng Chuan Lim is its senior regional sales manager based in Singapore.  He oversees the Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific territories.  To mark the new relationship with Compucon, he recently spoke in a Compucon CPD (continuous professional development) seminar on Tandberg offerings and advantages.  The audience who were present in the seminar was impressed.  Tandberg Data has resolved to work with Compucon to introduce best practices to the corporate, education and IT communities.  For further information of this event, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  For technology and product information, please go to the Tandberg home page on this website.