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The Computer & Human Body Print
April 2008

This seminar is designed for senior secondary school students (year 12 and 13) as the principal audience, and will also appeal to senior teachers in social science and computer science for the width of messages and depth of technical information conveyed.  The first part of the seminar provides big picture stuff such as making an analogy between the computer and the human body, identifying differences, explaining how the computer changes human civilization and how we relate the computer with human, time and space.  The second part of the seminar is technical in nature and covers 3 major phenomena of how the computer operates either emulating the human body or extending the reach of the human body.  The 3 areas are multiple computing power, the width and depth of information displayed by the computer to human, and the concept of computer parts acting as a whole.   This seminar will assist students to change the view of the computer as a mere box, and will aspire some students to develop an interest that leads to a computer related career for the long term.

(a) The Big Picture

o        Analogy between Computer and Human Body- Brain, memory, spine, nerve, blood, organs, waste
o        Differences between Computer and Human Body- Screen, no heart, portable memory
o        Roles of Computers in Human Evolution- 4th era and 3rd knowledge revolution

(b) Computer System Platform Hardware Technologies

o        Multiple Computing Power- Multi Processors, Multi Cores and GPU
o        Multiple Displaying Capacity- Multi Screens, Multi Controllers
o        System Balancing for Performance- 4 Sub-systems, as strong as weakest, variety of computers