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January 2006
XTerm series is a Linux-based terminal (LBT) for those who need a completely centralised management environment. The XTerm, embedded with an Industrial-based Linux operating system, can provide Microsoft RDP, optimized Citrix ICA, Terminal Emulation, Netscape Browser, JVM, and customised local applications with all terminal management performed at a centralised server. All of the terminal's settings are stored on the server allowing for tight control over the desktop of each individual user. It is therefore the most easily managed Linux-based terminal.

The XTerm series is a completely stateless device that minimises hardware failure and cost on maintenance & upgrades.

How XTerm Benefit Your Business
The simpler, easier, smarter and more reliable desktop device for the new millennium without the pains of the PC.

  • Easy to deploy - Just connect the Ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard and monitor and you are ready to work. XTerm delivers the productivity and application flexibility of a PC without the "PC downside" of high service cost, low reliability, and short lifetime. The stateless XTerm build is without a mechanical hard drive that can break down - totally eliminating the risk of losing any data.

    Easy to upgrade, deploy and more flexible
    XTerm eliminates the need for constant upgrades. All application software upgrades take place on the server. In addition, standard desktop configurations can be implemented to ease troubleshooting and maintenance. XTerm gives the ability to deploy high performance desktop devices to process-based workers while controlling IT costs and easing management headaches.

    Simpler to use and easier to manage remotely, it is a completely centralised desktop management which allows for more control and higher security. Applications are executed on one or more centralised industry-standard servers and easily backed up to secure and protect data. With computing power, applications, and data centralised on secure servers, network administrators can support more users without having to "touch" each desktop. All of the terminal's settings are saved on the server. This delivers greater data security and virus resistance, with the added benefit of several times the hardware reliability of a PC.

    With lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
    The XTerm is virtually silent, and uses only 1/4 of the power consumption of PCs. XTerm requires less regular maintenance or emergency repairs. Save on administrative, upgrade and training costs. Compared to the traditional PC, each thin client can save at least 40-50% of the cost.

    Transportation Manufacturing Facilities ServiceTelecommunication
    Network ApplianceCommunity ServiceLegal and Business Service Retail Banking
    Finance EducationDistribution Hospitality
    Hospitality Health Care Public Service 

    Keyboard & Locale Support
    8-bit Languages: English, Turkey, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Belgium French and Russian.
    16-bit Languages: Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    Support local Input Methods

    Firmware Upgrade
    FTP upgrade support
    USB upgrade Key support
    Management & Security
    Remote Shadow via NetAdmin/VNCviewer
    Support for Connection setup via Http
    Support for Terminal setup via Http
    Support for Remote firmware upgrade
    Support for NetAdmin Client daemon
    Supprot for IC card security package
    Support for Interactive Thinclass

    Peripheral Support
    Support for External USB Wireless LAN
    Support for Internal PCI WLAN
    Support for External/Internal IC Card Reader
    Support for External Elotuch Screen
    Support for USB, LPT & COM printer
    Support for External/Internal 56K modem
    Support for USB Keyboard and Mouse
    Support for USB Flash key