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NetAdmin Remote Management Print
January 2006
NetAdmin is a centralised management tool specifically designed for the XTerm Thin Terminal. IT managers can easily configure the XTerm from a single PC without wasting time walking to each individual machine.

NetAdmin is a powerful tool allowing IT managers to configure or apply firmware updates to a group of XTerm Thin Terminals within the same network. Save time and money!

NetAdmin can also remotely shutdown, reboot or wake-up any terminal, giving IT managers the flexibility and control.

  • Automatically scan and locate all terminals within the same network.
  • Edit the connection manager of terminals through http or shadowing.
  • Edit terminal properties of terminals through http or shadowing
  • Show current terminal status on the network.
  • Import/Export terminal settings to a single or a group of terminals.
  • Remote control units to reboot or shutdown.
  • Remote control units to power up through the network (WOL)
  • Remote update firmware of terminals individually or in a group.