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UPS Print
May 2008

UPS excluding the battery enjoys 24 months warranty return-to-base (Compucon New Zealand in Albany) whereas the battery of the UPS enjoys 12 months warranty only.  

If the battery is found failed or weak within 12 months from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace the battery but the warranty period will end on the original date (that is, no extension). 

If the battery is found failed or weak after the warranty period, we will replace the battery which will enjoy a new term of 12 months warranty.  We will also charge a fee for replacement and testing service and for the courier if applicable.  The standard labour fee for this service is $40 + GST. 

UPS may produce audible beeps as warnings of certain faults.  Please read the UPS manual which is supplied with the UPS when bought new for an interpretation of the beeps. 

Seek help from either the Compucon team in Albany on (09) 415 3303 or your preferred service provider.  We will help you.