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Server Virtualization Print
May 2008
Why is Server virtualization a topic of Environmental Protection and what is Server Virtualization anyway?

Server Virtualization is a technology encompassing hardware and software.  The end effect is that a company can deploy a physical server to perform the functions of several servers that would otherwise require several physical servers.  Server Virtualization is still a developing technology.  Initially it is software based and the end result is not always desirable as the software absorbs too much computer hardware resources.  The current effort is to use a hardware assisted arrangement.  The virtualization host is still software and is called bare metal hypervisor. 

Obviously one of the end results of server virtualization is a reduction of the number of physical servers in operation.  This will lead to a reduction of use of electricity or energy.  As such, server virtualization if deployed correctly contributes to the conservation of our natural energy resources in most situations.

Compucon Platinum and Vanadium servers are VMWare ESX 3.5i compatible.  This is not an official certification and is a confidence statement based on the test reports of our technology suppliers.  There are in fact Compucon servers deploying VMWare ESX 3.5i successfully by our channel partners.  We are tesing Workgroup Server compatibility with ESX now and will provide an update later on.