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Compucon Thunderbird A88X Workstation Print


          Note: AMD APU in 2014 FM2+



This model is based on the 2nd Generation of Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) technology from AMD and it is a substantial improvement over the previous generation based on A8 CPU.  The special feature of this model is the graphics capabilities as provided by the Radeon 7660D graphics engine integrated in the top of the line CPU called A10-5800K.  Its graphics performance is far ahead of all other desktop models using integrated CPU graphics.  Therefore, this model is ideal if graphics performance is a desirable feature whilst cost is a constraint.  This model is suitable for office workers, teachers, managers, and most mainstream users.  This system comes with USB3 ports, and SATA600 HDD among other standard features. Other improvements for this model include Eyefinity technology which allows up to 3 displays without using discrete graphics and 4 Dimm slots for up to 64GB of RAM.     


Many special features are supported by this system, but not necessarily included in the base configuration. Please ugprade as desired. Notable features are:

  • Six SATA3.0 6Gbps drives with RAID-1, RAID-0, RAID-5 or RAID 10 (Host)