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Wireless Outdoor Access Points CAP-5000 Series Print
October 2008

CAP-5000 Series: Outdoor 802.11a 5 GHz High Power AP/CPE/Bridge/Router with 24dBi or 19dBi Integrated Antenna

The CAP-5024 / CAP-5019 are specially designed for applications of point-to-point as backhaul, or CPEs (consumer premises equipment) for point-to-multipoint to provide a superior performance solution for connecting many locations through wireless, yet flexible to customize for your deployment. It has up to three wireless interfaces for sectors or backhaul. The CAP-5024 / CAP-5019 deliver Internet service to your clients' network for extreme distance. You can use this package to provide high data rates and superior throughput for data-intensive yet up to hundreds of concurrent users for WiFi Citywide project. Multiple sites can share a single, high-speed connection to the Internet. The feature rich radio firmware allows you to apply the most advanced firewall, NAT, bandwidth shaping, cloaking modes, Super A or Turbo modes for up to 108 Mbps of throughput , and other technologies to create a smart and manageable network. You can secure wireless traffic with firewall, VLAN, encryption (WEP/WPA/WPA2) from base to individual clients. Layer 2 Mesh and WDS Spanning Tree Bridging are available for all connected APs and clients in the same SSID group or Multiple SSIDs. QoS with voice / video / gaming priority is available.


CAP-5024 includes 24dBi integrated antenna
CAP-5019 includes 19dBi integrated antenna