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Windows Server 2008 Downgrade Rights Print
November 2008

Microsoft grants the right to use any prior version of Windows Server 2008, regardless of which channel was used to acquire the license (OEM or VLV etc.). Windows Server 2008 licenses can be downgraded to use or access older versions of the corresponding licenses as outlined by Microsoft at the following URLs:

Windows Server 2008:

Windows Small Business Server 2008:

Q. What are Downgrade Rights?

Downgrade rights, in general, mean that you can use an earlier version of the software acquired. For example, downgrade rights for Small Business Server means you are allowed to install and use SBS 2003 R2 Premium Edition instead of SBS 2008 Premium Edition which is what you purchased; and correspondingly, you can install and use SBS 2003 R2 Standard Edition instead of SBS 2008 Standard Edition. At any time, you can install the software you purchased and cease to use the earlier version.

Q. How do we exercise these rights?

Compucon can pre-install an earlier version of your acquired license. This saves you time and you will not need to have the older installation media. You will however, need access to a product key for the earlier OS - and if your new system/server fails online activation, you will need to contact Microsoft on an 0800 number.