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Introducing the new XTerm X1000 Print
January 2006
Compucon is proud to announce a new version of Thin Client terminal (X1000) for business and corporate office use. This new thin client terminal does not have any moving part. It uses a very low power CPU without the need for a ventilation fan. It uses IC memory in lieu of hard disk. Its power adaptor is outside the chassis (just like a laptop). All these features collectively make sure that the failure of the hardware is reduced to the minimum. It is very small in size (213x45x203mm) and very light in weight (2.25kg)- it can be easily accommodated where space is limited. Its supported VGA display capabilities are impressive: up to 1920 x 1440 for CRT and 1600 x 1200 for LCD. It is powered by Linux (version 2.4.30). Execution of real time applications is hosted by 128MB of main memory that is considered very generous for a thin client terminal. Software is compatible with the previous version (X2200) and a wide range of server software and applications. Estimated street price is $570 + GST. Please see details (link to be fixed) for more information…