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The Internet- its Magic and Construction Print
October 2009
The Internet was there when we were born and some of us may have taken it for granted.  We use it for downloading music to our MP3 players, we post our photos to Flickr which helps organize our photo albums for showing to our friends, we look at uncle’s new house in London via Google Map, we buy and sell in auctions on Trade Me, we check out what the word Wi-Fi means on Wikipedia, and the list just goes on.  In fact, the Internet is very new and it is developing fast.  We know how to use it today but do we know what it will become tomorrow?  More to the point, do we know how it works?  Do we know how it came about?  The World Wide Web consisting of numerous big sites like You Tube, BBC, Yahoo! etc, is a big part of the Internet.  Do we know who created WWW and made it look like a huge, encompassing, totally dynamic and fun to use library for our free access? 
The first Compucon Extra-curriculum Lecture for 2009 will provide answers to the above questions and more.  For example, we may have heard of KAREN but how does it relate to us and the Internet?  We may know about satellites in the sky but how can they be part of the Internet?  GPS helps our navigation.  What is GPS?  Do we know that information will soon become a product (though not touchable) just like water and electricity off a tap or plug?  This leads to how we can make use of the information from the Net.  Do we copy and paste, and bury our Kiwi ingenuity?  Even if the law allows us to copy (it does not), do we know some information is actually false and invalid?  Can we use the Internet to help us do homework and school work and how?
Students who wish to attend this lecture must have a desire to learn and to ask in the first place.  Learning by asking is a technique that this lecture will promote.  Students shall learn to appreciate that knowing how to use the Internet as a tool is not enough.  We shall learn how to contribute to the construction of the Internet because it is so intertwined with our daily lives.  This lecture will give you some clues.