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November 2009

Kamo High School has endorsed the engineering and educational approaches applied by Compucon New Zealand for years.  The endorsements include hosting technology forums for schools and extra-curriculum lectures for students every 6 months.  The outline below is for the lecture scheduled for 5 November 2009.

This session will explain what constitute Internet Video and where we are on the path from TV, DVD and You Tube to Internet Video.  Why some videos cannot use the Internet and when can they do so?  What do we do in order to squeeze more video through the Internet? 

This session will present many fundamental scientific findings such as how our eyes see and sometimes mislead us. Students will be able to relate learning over the years from various sources to this central theme of Internet Video.  Students will learn about illusion, standardisation of videos, how the Internet works to distribute video to our desktops, and put TV and various broadcasts into perspective.  As a practical application of Internet Video technologies, this session will give some examples of Internet Protocol Video Surveillance (IPVS) and visit a few scenic places in Taiwan through Internet Cameras live. 

Apart from learning, we would like to encourage students to take a proactive role from now on in the development of technologies so that New Zealand is not just a down under destination for tourists but a land that breeds more Ernst Rutherford, William Pickering, and Beatrice Tinsley etc.