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Telarc SAI Audit endorses Compucon quality management Print
January 2010

Telarc SAI Audit Report Executive Summary
20 January 2010

The management system was found to be well structured and controlled. System reviews take place on a regular basis and the monthly staff review meetings are clearly a benefit to them.

Customer complaints, non-conformances, warranty claims and corrective actions are managed by the Quality Improvement system. A number of cases were reviewed and all were found to have been well managed. An annual analysis of the data collected is undertaken when potential continual improvement projects are identified.

No Non Compliances were raised during the previous assessment.

The Health &Safety system was briefly reviewed and found to be adequate for a company of this size. The organisation has made improvements in the following areas since the last audit:

  • The development of an information system including web servers, email and intruder alarm
  • The introduction of the Compucon Brand Index
  • The development of the video surveillance product to be marketed by a sister company
  • Increased their customer satisfaction index score to 4.89 (out of 5)
  • A reduction in ventilation fan noise as a result of customer feedback
There were no specific areas of concern but attention must be given to staff supporting each other to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction, and to the completion of the records associated with each build. On the other hand, the philosophies being developed and promoted by the management are excellent and are being designed to bring the team together and work as one to achieve customer satisfaction.

Compared with the last assessment the company has continued to maintain, improve and expand its systems with over 200 document changes. The results of their customer survey show that the system is working for them and that their clients appreciate its existence. It is believed that the company have gained value from this assessment.