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   Key Features
  1. High Performance Network Storage
  2. Internal Hardware RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60
  3. Supports any IP based network
  4. Available in 1U/2U/3U/4U/5U Rackmount Chassis
  5. Up to 48TB+ capacity, iSCSI or NAS
  6. Future provisioning for more capacity available

Compucon SAN Storage Servers are complete stand-alone units for adding additional "local disk" storage to your existing servers and workstations on and over your network. Designed to be cost-effective, the solution is customised to suit your requirements depending on the storage capacity required and budget allowed.

Options include various rackmount options, redundant power supply units, IPMI remote hardware management and operating system choices. Partnered with Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2008 (built upon an optimized release of Server 2008 for better file serving performance) it is a solid set and forget appliance for your network, with easy maintenance via a familiar interface for Windows Administrators. Alternatives such as FreeNAS, OpenFiler and Open-E DSS are also available.

What is an iSCSI SAN?

In simple terms, the iSCSI SAN architecture allows the attachment of remote storage (from the Compucon SAN Storage Server) to servers in such a way that the storage appear to be locally attached to the OS, just like any other internal SCSI hard drive or RAID array.

The iSCSI standard carries SCSI commands over IP-based Ethernet networks which facilitates data transfers over long distances. It works over an existing GbE LAN or a separate LAN designated for iSCSI traffic (for performance and manageability reasons). It is far more cost-effective compared to Fibre Channel-based SAN implementations as Fibre Channel (FC) requires proprietary and expensive switches and Host Bus Adapters (HBA) to create a separate FC network.