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Direct Attached Storage Print
   Key Features
  1. High Performance Direct Attached Storage
  2. Supports existing servers with PCI-Express x8
  3. Available in 3U/4U Rackmount Chassis
  4. Up to 48TB+ capacity, directly attached
  5. Future provisioning for more capacity available

Compucon DAS Storage Servers are complete stand-alone units for adding additional locally attached storage to your existing server. It is a hardware solution and does not require additional OS software or licenses. Designed to be cost-effective, the solution is customised to suit your requirements based on your existing equipment.

What is DAS?

A Direct Attached Storage (DAS) server from Compucon allows and enables storage capacity extension to an existing server, while keeping high data bandwidth and random access speeds expected from a high performance Internal Hardware RAID-array. It is a one-to-one connection to an existing server and the additional storage capacity will appear as an additional internal hard disk within the operating system.