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Platinum DXA is a top end workstation system model. It is the first Dual Socket system to base on Intel Tylersburg and Nehalem architecture which is the newest technology from Intel as at 1/4/2009. Each Xeon processor is linked to memory direct without incurring the latency of going through a Front Side Bus which is indeed a bottleneck for memory transfer, and there are as many as 12 memory slots for a max of 48GB of DDR3 ECC memory. The most impressive feature of this system is however the provision of 36 PCI Express lanes. It comes standard with 7.1 HD audio and 2 Firewire ports if applicable. IPMI is an option. Add more memory to the base spec, upgrade the graphics card, and add HDD and OS to complete the system configuration.

  • Motherboard - Intel 5520 (Tylersburg) Chipset
  • CPU - 2 x Intel Xeon 5500 series Processors
  • RAM - 2 x DDR3-1333 2GB memory
  • Case - Compucon Full Tower Case , 5U Rack-Mount upgradable
  • Video - NVidia GeForce 210 512MB
  • LAN - 2 x Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • DVD-RW - 22x/52x speed drive
  • FDD - 1.44MB (optical)
  • Keyboard - Compucon PS2 104
  • Compucon System Manual
  • ISO-9001 System Engineering