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The Computer and Me Print
May 2010

The seminar was given to Kamo High School students on 6 May 2010.  If you believe this type of extra-curriculum seminar will help your students, please check with This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if one can be arranged for your school in the near future.

The first part of the seminar provides big picture associations such as analogies and differences between the computer and the human body, how the computer came about and where the computer positions in the history of our human civilization development.

The second part of the seminar has more technical depth and covers 3 major areas of how the computer extends the reach of the human body.  The 1st area is the extension of our brain power in executing repeatable activities and producing one-off creativity.  The 2nd area is the extension of human memory in terms of collective size and effectiveness of recollection.  The 3rd area is the extension of human vision with distributed eyeballs and collated sights.
This seminar will assist students to change the view of the computer as a mere box, associate computer technologies with daily observations and scientific developments, and will inspire some students to develop an interest in a computer or technology related career in the future.

< Feedback from a Year 13 Student after the Seminar >

The seminar was an enlightening experience that was both interesting and informative.  The spokesman TN Chan was a little hard to understand but once you get tuned into his manner of speaking, his words were true and provoked thoughts that would change my opinion of computers.  By comparing computers to people he managed to change my perspective on the use of computers and actually made me rethink how valuable computers are in this modern age.

I have actually never thought that a computer can be so similar to a person, in which we basically have the same components and structures.  For example computers and humanshave similar body parts such as a brain, blood and nerves.