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Outdoor 5GHz Access Point / Bridge Print
May 2010
WAP-5015D (WiBorne CAP-5015D) is the point of connection to Wireless Outdoor Networks.

WAP-5015D utilizes a 200mW powered radio and a built-in 5GHz 15dBi dual polarity directional antenna.

WAP-5015D supports two operational modes, the AP mode and the WDS mode, respectively with built-in remote management features which simplify the deployment and reduce costs for continued maintenance of the outdoor bridge:

• AP (Access Point): It can be deployed as a traditional fixed wireless Access Point
• WDS : It can be expanded Wireless Service as WDS Link
• CPE (Customer Premises Equipment): That connects to Wireless Internet Service Provider's (WISP)
• Universal Repeater with client bridge mode.

Street Price of the product not including installation is around $400 + GST


Features at a glance

WAP-5015D is a 5GHz 200mW 802.11a/n compatible multi-client/bridge/access point/route/WDS. It has built-in 15dBi dual polarity antenna with IP67/68 long-durable metal enclosure for long term solutions!

• IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 compliance in 2Tx / 2Rx design
• 200mW at 5 GHz output power with up to 300Mbps of Tx/Rx bandwidth.
• Built in 15dBi (H60, E30) dual polarity directional antenna
• Topology: Point to Point , Point to Multi Point
• Operation Modes : Access Point and AP/WDS , WDS (Repeater , Bridge), CPE (Client Router)
• Security with 802.1X, WAP, and WPA2
• Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Quality of Service (QoS) and WMM for bandwidth management
• Multiple B-SSID capability (Virtual AP) and Client Isolation
• Client Isolation throught Layer 2 VLAN Technology
• Business class WLAN Security and Client Authentications
• Provide Advanced Wireless Setting (ACK/CTS )
• Support Web management and SNMP MIB-II
• Wide Range Voltage support (12-68VDC), PoE
• Weather-Proof Housing (IP 68 Approved)
• Weater-Proof M-13 RJ45 Connector and N-Type Connector
• QoS: DiffServ/ TOS, IEEE802.11p/ COS, IEEE 802.11Q Tag VLAN priority control, IEEE802.11e WMM
• Pure AP Mode & AP/WDS Mode: wireless access point that allows wireless clients, or stations(STA) to access
• WDS Mode (Bridge/Repeater): allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access point without the need for a wired backbone.
• CPE Mode (Router Client) that run as DHCP server to assign IP address to clients out of a private IP address pool behind a NAT.
• Support Static IP, Dynamic IP(DHCP Client) and PPPoE on WiFi WAN Connection
• Support PPTP/L2TP client/server/pass through
• MAC Cloning, Support MAC & IP filtering
• DHCP Server
• 802.3 Bridging
• Masquerading (NAT), NTP Client
• Proxy DNS, Dynamic DNS
• Virtual DMZ, Virtual Server (IP / Port Forwarding)
• Bandwidth traffic shaping
• Full Statistics and Status Reports; Event logs
• CLI access via Telnet
• Support SNMP v1, v2c, v3; SNMP traps
• Profiles Configuration Backup and Restore
• Remote Link Test –Display connect statistics