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Tutorial on Wireless Bridge Print
July 2010


The advent of IP (Internet Protocol) into Video Surveillance systems has allowed wireless to be part of the solution enabling a significant extension of physical area coverage.  This paper is a tutorial on what a wireless bridge is for IPVS use and it points out an important aspect that has often been overlooked.

Access Point & Bridge

Many schools (used interchangeably with businesses and organizations) have installed wireless equipment to connect students and teachers to the cabled network.  This type of installation is called Access Point.  An Access Point provides two functions: converting the medium for signal transmission from wireless to cable and vice versa, and serving multiple clients at one time like a hub.  It is a popular use of wireless.  What is not as well known is the subject of this article- wireless bridge and our legal obligations.  We raise these issues for the first time as a report of the research and development efforts expended by the Compucon IPVS team.  The findings are useful for schools when considering an extension of the school data network for various purposes including video surveillance.  Compucon has gone onto this journey with IPVS in mind but applications are not limited to IPVS.   

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