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Telarc commended Compucon ISO-9001 QA Management Print
February 2011
Compucon New Zealand
Telarc commended Compucon ISO-9001 QA Management

Since their last assessment, the company has continued to provide their customers with a high level of quality product and service. The system is mature and, without undertaking an unnecessary review of the system to identify any potential improvement opportunities, only a small number of small step improvements were possible since the last audit. This has been a better business year than 2009 and it is felt that they are recovering slowly from the global recession.

The continuing effectiveness of the management system was confirmed as observed in:
•    The improvements detailed below.
•    The management commitment to maintaining and supporting the system as demonstrated by:
•    Availability during assessments
•    Accessibility and support to the Management representative
•    Involvement in policy reviews, management reviews, improvement projects
•    The continued compliance with the organisations policies and achievement of objectives. Examples include:
•    Meeting five out of six of the performance objectives that were set
•    No non-compliances noted in either internal or external audits
•    Receiving a high rating in a customer survey

The internal audit process was found to be up to date and thorough. An external auditor had been employed to undertake one out of three of the internal audits that have taken place, members of staff were used for the remaining two. The reports were concise but identified the areas of the elements of the systems reviewed and any improvements or amendments that were necessary. A good level of reliance can be placed on the reliance of the audits.

Customer and internal complaints were reviewed and found to have been well managed. A number were reviewed in depth and it could be seen that the procedures had been followed. The data has been analysed for trends and those that were identified, for example workmanship, were acted upon. From the case records it could be seen that the number of cases raised had significantly reduced since August 2010.

No NC’s or AOC’s were raised during the previous assessment.  (Note: NC = Non Conformance, AOC = Area of Concern)
The H&S system was briefly reviewed and found to be adequate for the company.

As noted above, the organisation has made a number of small step improvements since the last audit. In addition, they have increased the level of the satisfaction of their customers, as shown by the recent survey. They are to be congratulated on this achievement.

There were no areas of concern identified and particular points of merit included the high level of commitment of the Managing Director to the maintenance of the system, the depth and quality of the training and the associated records for the new member of staff and the quality of the annual management review repor