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What is Compucon's core competence in Video Surveillance Print
February 2011

As of February 2011, Compucon possesses technical capabilities to design, supply, and support IP based video surveillance (IPVS) security systems with up to 128 cameras covering distances within 2KM radius from the recording server.   
Compucon has direct experience with monitoring corridors, lobbies, covered and uncovered public access areas, car park entrances, staircases, and inside lift cars.  These scenarios cover various lighting conditions from night time and low light to day time directly under the sun.  These scenarios also cover human and vehicles in car park entrances for face and licence plate number recognition respectively.  In all the above situations, Compucon systems provide clear live views, recordings based on motion detection or time scheduling, playbacks of selected footage, and exports to external media for further use.
In terms of technologies, Compucon capabilities covered IP and analogue cameras and systems, 1.3 megapixels, narrow to wide angle, infrared filtering and illumination, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, network switching, Power over Ethernet, RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) for footage storage, and integration of the entire suite.  These capabilities are on top of the core competence developed from nearly 20 years of producing x86 based servers, workstations and desktops for business customers in New Zealand.
For small systems below 5 cameras, Compucon deploys off-the-shelf hardware in order to reduce costs.  For systems of 5 cameras and more, Compucon servers are the central hardware.  For large systems beyond 64 cameras, the recording system includes a scalable database to handle recording to take place in two or more servers and management of display on individual client desktops through a separate network management server. 
For in-vehicle monitoring purposes, Compucon offers a 2-camera DVR system which can be installed and operated almost by any driver in any vehicle type.  This small system records the movements and location of the vehicle on top of the situations inside the cabin and outside the vehicle.  Footage can be transferred to a PC for review and archiving on a daily or periodic basis.   
Compucon also possesses specialist skills in motion detection set up and footage storage optimization.  Motion detection is not an exact science and can be triggered by environmental illumination change or wind effects.  Compucon is capable of deploying and tuning Passive Infrared to detect human temperature and deploying a micro switch on doors or windows to detect human intrusion for a higher level of certainty.  For night time or low light conditions, Compucon systems can turn on artificial lights to enhance the clarity of recording. If the system records genuine motions only, the footage would be more valuable and searching would be more effective.
For additional peace of mind we are able to configure email alerts for IPVS system. When motion is detected by a specific camera, our system will send a snapshot so that customers can see what is going on.  This snapshot can be send over the Internet or LAN to a desktop or to an iPhone.  For SOHO systems, users are also able to view live video feeds using applications for iPhone or Android smartphone.

Compucon is capable of setting up a live web stream to a web server which would let users view the video from an IP camera from remote locations using their web browser.