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Compucon Bleeding Edge K8N Workstation Print
September 2005
Compucon has released a new workstation that will easily rank amongst the top of the performance league. This system supports the most bleeding edge and proven technologies:

- Dual Core Athlon64 or Athlon64FX
- Dual Channel Direct Memory
- Dual PCI Express (SLI) Graphics
- Quad SATA Hard Disk with RAID

It is not necessary to make use of all its offerings. Some applications will benefit from a Dual Core processor or Dual Channel memory for very high computational performance. Some will benefit from the combined bandwidth of two PCI Express VGA cards at the start or at a later stage of use. Some will benefit from having data redundancy or high hard disk performance throughput. Without doubt, applications can deploy all capabilities of the system if designed properly. The price of this Compucon-engineered system is surprisingly affordable and extremely easy to justify. It is designed for professionals. Please contact authorised Compucon resellers for more information.