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Compucon Engineering Workstation - Types of Application Print
March 2011
Compucon DesignStation are designed to be used for running applications for graphics, animation, science, medicals and oil-gas exploration supported by NVIDIA Quadro.

nVidia has lots of experience and we quoted some examples of applications for illustration purposes below.  For full stories, please refer to nVidia website.

Hospitals and Medical Research

Breast cancer detection today relies on 2D imaging systems and invasive procedures like biops1.JPGy.  A team of researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston have developed a new weapon in the fight against breast cancer, a better mammogram. Its prototype digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) imager, developed with the assistance Mercury Computer Systems in Chelmsford, allows for improved detection and earlier treatment in the tumor growth cycle.

The DBT imager provides near real-time results using a single NVIDIA Quadro graphics board that is able to generate imagery as fast as the MGH 32 processor cluster (that occupied half a room), in under five minutes, more than 60 times faster than the previous single system solution.

Oil and Gas exploration

Because 2.JPGvast amounts of data being gathered make empirical analysis virtually impossible, geologists and geophysicists rely heavily on data visualization to spot evidence of promising reserves. The limited graphics processing power of contemporary visualization systems has proven to be a critical constraint, making it impossible to visualize an entire regional data set at high resolution in a single view.

NVIDIA Quadro addresses a real need for geoscientists as it empowers Compucon DesignStation to drive high-performance, large-scale visualization configurations, enabling geoscientists to interpret their data at its highest resolution, without losing sight of the regional context. With this solution, entire regional data sets can be investigated and visualized in vivid detail, highlighting large-scale trends. These trends can be easily missed when having to view identical data in smaller-sized subsets or on single or dual monitor set-ups. Better decisions can be made, resulting in increased production and profitability

Building Design

The construction industry 3.JPGcontinually faces the daunting task of managing and communicating sufficient design information so the general contractor, builder and client all understand the exact parameters and constraints of a project.

For decades the construction industry has used two-dimensional plans to communicate important project information, however, these plans often did not provide enough detail or precision. As a result, estimating discrepancies as well as costly and time consuming change orders would often impact the overall profitability of the project for the builder. These issues, however, can simply be avoided by building the project virtually before construction begins in the field.

Employing Compucon DesignStation NVIDIA Quadro solutions helps to visually communicate design and construction intent.

Mechanical Design

High-end designers continually search for ways4.JPG to remove creative barriers and transform novel ideas seamlessly from their imagination to a final, manufactured, real-world product.

The tools these designers use have progressed a long way from pencil-on-paper drawings to today’s sophisticated CAD software programs. For cutting-edge designers, professional graphics solutions must deliver a clear competitive edge, enabling high-quality, real-time 3D modeling, visualization and simulation capabilities.

Engineering design accuracy and detail are crucial.
Using Quadro-powered SolidWorks mechanical CAD software to visualize and simulate everything, designers can answer questions such as:
  • Will moving parts, which might have clearances of only a few thousandths of an inch, touch or interfere with one another?
  • How much will a specific part deform under operational stresses?

Digital Content Creations

There is continuing evidence most5.JPG everywhere you turn, 3D movies are capturing the public’s imagination. Examples such as the successes of “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland,” audiences continue to clamor for 3D movies. Movie studios worldwide have spent millions of dollars in recent months to immerse themselves in the 3D experience.
Appetite for 3D is placing greater demand than ever on top visual effects companies to support development of 3D film and TV content.

The types of problems visual effects companies are trying to solve are examples of computational visualization, the merging of physical simulation and advanced rendering stands to see orders of magnitude improvement in performance from the Compucon DesignStation Quadro Fermi solutions, which are designed specifically to take complex algorithms and make them interactive while facilitate fast and high-quality review of 3D works.

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