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Vanadium Dual Core is Top of the League Print
September 2005
Vanadium is the Compucon series based on AMD K8 Dual Opteron technology. There are 4 members in the series with 1U and 2U being the latest additions:

- Server
- AGP Workstation
- 1U and 2U

Except the AGP workstation, all of them are Dual Core Ready. Without Dual Core, K8 is already a distinguished performer due to Direct Memory Access and Hyper Transport. K8 has won all third party performance benchmark reviews so far. With Dual Core included, Dual Opteron has proved to be even more distinguished. A benchmark review shows that it out-classed Quad Xeon with a big margin. For sure, Dual Core processors are expensive at this stage. Once put into TCO perspective, the story will be different. Compared to Non Dual Core, performance gain is 40% to 70% depending on applications. System price is 20% to 50% more depending on hardware configuration. If you hesitate, then look at TCO. The price increase will become 4% to 10% more only and the user keeps the 40% plus performance gain. If you still hesitate, then compare to Quad Xeon. It would be 40% cheaper. What about software compatibility and reliability? We have found no report of incompatibility for the last 12 months. Reliability is actually better as the processors consume less heat and run cooler than Xeon. 1U and 2U are highly engineered systems. Compucon is most likely the ONLY brand supplying Dual Core Dual Opteron 1U and 2U in New Zealand!