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Compucon Releases New Component Folder Print
May 2006
Compucon systems contain a folder of useful resources.  This folder has been a Compucon advantage for years and this feature is ahead of international and local PC brands.  This folder contains updated software drivers, hardware management applications, general application tools, system documentation. Everything you need for re-installing the computer if needed. (More...) 

To make use of these resources, you shall either be very technically competent or seek help from your IT consultant.  As from April 2006, the folder C:\Compucon has changed to the following arrangement:

\Applications - General Applications
\Drivers - Hardware Drivers
\F6 Storage Drivers - Mass Storage Drivers
\Firmware - Firmware Updates
\Management - Management Applications
\Manual - Manuals (e.g. Motherboard)
\OS - Operating System Install Set
\QC Tool - Compucon QC Tool

The OS install set has been relocated from the root of C: and the Setup SourcePath has been set in the registry so you will no longer be prompted for the location of the install or service pack files. Manuals & Firmware directories have been added. Management applications are separated from general applications. Management applications refer to RAID and UPS etc whereas general applications refer to PDF reader and CD Rom burner etc.  Of-course, we will continue to supply the original Windows OS CD with the machine.  We constantly update hardware drivers and they will, in most cases, supersede the drivers and applications that are supplied on the original hardware vendor drivers CD.  Feel free to provide your suggestions or comments on this subject matter to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .