National Economy & Company Values
November 2011

All members of the country are being affected by the economy that has slowed down at about the same time the Rugby World Cup started.  A North Shore regional magazine commented that 95000 foreign visitors spent their monies at rugby matches and hospitality facilities but they were not seen even in Devonport which is one of the 5 Auckland CBD fringe villages identified in the current Draft of Auckland City Master Plan.  Local spending has also dropped in the period.  If what went down must come up, shall we sit and wait for a dramatic economy recovery? 

The technology sector is in a consistent state of change.  On-site servicing jobs are going to the clouds, some may say.  Instead of being self-employed and serving our own favourite customers, some may be forced to become agents of cloud operators earning a commission.  Can we be a cloud operator ourselves? Can we offer values which cloud operators cannot?  This is an area where people with specialist skills and long term vision differentiate with others.  This is also a sensitive topic for discussion and we will withhold discussions till we meet in the next CPD seminar which is in fact the 6-monthly Tech Briefing scheduled for Tuesday 13 December 2011.  Please block your calendar for it now and we will issue the invitation in early December.

We must handle and prepare for changes with visions that do not change.  Which visions do not change?  Values do not change.  The values of helping people and contributing to the society do not change, for example.  The values of being honest, reasonable, and treating people with respect do not change.   When technology trends are not favourable to us, we must not give up good values for short term struggles.  In the unlikely event that our skills are no longer wanted by the society, we should bow out gracefully and find the entry to a new ocean which we did not know about before.  We have posted a short article on our view of technology and technology tools here since January 2007-   Please have a read and advise us if the arguments need change.  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .