Peers Appraising Compucon in Dec 2011
January 2012

A survey was carried out at the end of the Tech Briefing seminar held on 13 December 2011.  The scores given by our channel peers were put into perspective by comparing with previous ratings.  Only peers who had given us appraisals at least twice were counted and there were 9 of them for the current round.  The appraisal covers 9 performance areas.  They are shown below with the latest scores in brackets.

System reliability (4.97)
Range of systems (4.67)
Customer Service (4.83)
Technical Support Service (4.88)
Communication (4.87)
Price Competitiveness (4.69)
Marketing Efforts (4.50)
Brand Equity (4.93)
Company Direction (4.78)

The maximum score is 5 for being the best of all supplied, and the minimum score is 1 for being the worst supplied. 

The total average score is 4.79 (all performance areas and all voters) and can be read as favorable.  It is similar to previous years and is on the high side.  For example it was 4.35 for Year 2006.

All 9 performance areas obtained a score of 4.5 or above. That is, all aspects of Compucon performance were considered favorable including marketing efforts and brand equity which were consistantly below 4.0 previously.  The team has paid extra attention to both and we are pleased that we have improved.  For example, the Compucon website has over 1000 pages and it can be seen as a leading technology website in New Zealand.  Compucon has done well with Google searches.

The Range of Systems dropped 4% compared to 6 months ago.  This is not explainable as we have expanded our system range with Quadro GPU workstations, 2U8, 3U8 and Black Pearl II recently.  We have not reduced our system range at all and the score should not be lower than June.  Only 3 persons out of 9 did not give us the top score of 5 out of 5.  We will address their individual comments and see if we are able to expand our system range and options further in 2012.   

Company Direction dropped 3% compared to 6 months ago. We entered AutoCAD professional level applications close to the end of the year as the 2nd attempt to widen our technology base, the first being on IPVS.  2 persons out of 9 may not like this and did not give us the top score of 5.  

On the positive side, Brand Equity has risen the most by 4.5% and reached 4.93 out of 5.  This was not perceivable 2 years ago.  Our team efforts must have produced results.  Thanks to peers for your endorsements.