Digital Student for Kamo High on 27 April 2012
April 2012
The lecture for senior students of Kamo High School on 27 April 2012 is a subset of the continuing professional development seminar held a day earlier for teachers and business people.  The student lecture focuses on 4 topics whereas the CPD seminar has 8 topics.  Student topics have more actions and lesser theories.  Both events are meant to be educational, but the student session has a higher emphasis on learning whilst the CPD seminar is for eliminating myths and reinforcing certainties.  The student lecture does not replace any standard school curriculum and is solely a supplement. The 4 topics are:

Digital Babies and Fathers:

We single out Vince Cerf as a role model as he has contributed a tremendous lot to human mankind for his creative work on the TCP/IP stack and establishing ICANN (address names and numbers).  Both TCP/IP and ICANN are essential for the operation of the Internet and Vince duly deserves the fame of being the Father of IP (Internet Protocol).  The lecture explains briefly these 2 terms as well as 7 levels of networks from the very small to the very large. How many people know about these 7 levels?  Not many, quite frankly.
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Digital Village: 
ICT has enabled the world to cooperate closer than never before.  One good example is the Hubble Space Telescope which was first conceived in NASA and later endorsed by ESA.  The telescope was taken up to space 550km above Earth by Space Shuttle Discovery, and it circles the Earth every 90 minutes.  It has since operated for 22 years and ESA has published key discoveries of the telescope over the years a few days ago.  The lecture takes a closer look of this world scale cooperation project and the involvements of I
CT, and explains the benefits of being in the sky as against on the ground.
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Digital Advancements:

3D printing of a jawbone for surgeons in Belgium is certainly on top of the list.  The combination of GPS, IPVS, and 3G is empowering the tracking of anything that moves.  This explains the mystery that many people may have from seeing vehicles moving on tracks without a driver and carrying passenger swiftly and safely!  Students twitter and blog a lot and they can control the world easily if they want to.  The lecture encourages them to make good use of this new digital age ability. 
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Digital Virtual Realities:
Human is born with two eyes for stereoscopic visions which are necessary to live a beautiful life in 3 dimensional spaces.  Computers are quite capable of creating visualizations that are very close to real.  This does not refer to living and entertainment only, but to creative works in production and business.  The lecture shows how to design the cosmetics of a hair dryer in 3 minutes, and how realistic a computer generated architectural drawing can be.  No more artist impression pictures are needed.  The advancements are just amazing to see.
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