Compucon HPC Workstation
August 2012
This system is a bold attempt to bring high performance computing to the desktop for a very affordable price.  This Compucon HPC Workstation is housed in a standard Compucon server chassis which can rest on the desktop or be mounted in a standard 19" cabinet.

The CPU is an Intel Core i7 3930K with 16GB of DDR3 memory.  Computation is powered by Tesla  on CUDA.  Graphical display is handled by a standard graphics card.

It has 2 low cost SATA HDD that can be installed as redundant and hot swappable, or just on host RAID and externally accessible.  

The system is upgradeable or scaleable to a certain limit.  

The following slides were produced by this system showing how a galaxy evolved over time.  The system simulated the evolution with 14336 stars (this number is small in a galaxy), and the 3 slides show 3 different scales of display.
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