2013-05 Step inside SKA, Video Analytics, NHBA Expo
April 2013

Compucon CPD Seminar
9 May 2013 Thursday
Compucon House Albany

4:00pm - 4:45pm Outside the Square (Step inside SKA)
4:45pm - 5:45pm Video Surveillance & Analytics Product Review
5:45pm - 6:00pm NHBA Expo Joint Efforts
6:00pm - 7:30pm Wine and Cheese

(Step Inside) SKA Telescope Computational Design

SKA Telescope www.skatelescope.org was previously an Outside the Square topic.  Compucon started involvements in November 2012 and has gone through several organisational and technical steps so far to be recognised at a New Zealand national level as a player in High Performance Computing (HPC).  HPC is a hidden, unknown, or untouchable treasure for some of our peers and a blue ocean for Compucon as the recent journey has revealed.   As Compucon takes a national stance in the SKA project, we are building a beachhead for our peers to see this blue ocean.  This session attempts to explain how the SKA telescope works on the engineering side (as against astronomy), the technologies required to convert antenna radio signals to visible images for scientists on the desktop, and how far out into the blue ocean our peers can expect to see.  Compucon is one of less than a handful of industry people involved, and is the only one prepared to transfer readily the experience and knowledge to a wider section in New Zealand

Video Surveillance & Analytics Products

Video Analytics (VA) products are not the same as surveillance cameras, video management software, or network video recorders etc.  They can be related or can be totally independent.  VA products are software applications incorporating algorithms for analyzing the context and content of images that have to be captured by a camera in the first place.  Specifically VA products are for real time use as well as for post mortem use of real life events.  Examples that Compucon has tested and passed are detecting an object left in a common area, counting the traffic of visitors or browsers, and monitoring a virtual boundary or area including direction of traffic.  This session will explain how these applications work and help business owners, as well as providing a quick summary of the features of surveillance cameras and a mid term plan to lead this part of New Zealand industry.  Current peers who are involved in Compucon IPVS business will find these developments useful for extending business beyond security and surveillance.  Peers who are not previously involved in IPVS will see how large this blue ocean is and may like to do a quick start. 

Joint Efforts in NHBA Expo

North Harbour Business Association www.nhba.org.nz has scheduled to hold a business exposition event at North Harbour Stadium on 16 May 2013 (Thursday). Compucon has booked 3 out of 80 stands and 1 out of 15 speaking slots. The audience is expected to be mainly business people. The majority will come from Albany, and the rest will be from North Shore and CBD. The event is a public relational exercise for all parties concerned and we believe our Compucon peers and friends should not miss this event. In terms of our exhibitions, we believe it is very hard for visitors to understand our philosophy of FFP (fitness for purpose), TCO (total cost of ownership) and BPE (business process efficiency) if they are never exposed to these issues. Besides computer has a boring look as compared to smart phone, tablet or Google Glass. We are inclined to steer away from a consumer image and put on a big science and engineering dress on this occasion to differentiate. We plan to showcase SKA telescope & computer vision with interesting materials. A few peers have accepted to host our stands, and we would encourage a higher level of peer participations in the event.