Superhawk 1150, Slim Micro Tower, Mid WGS, S1U Server
September 2013

25 September 2013

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Superhawk onto 4th Generation Intel Core

At last we have upgraded Superhawk from 3rd to 4th Generation this week.  Why did we take so long to upgrade?  It is because Core i3 of the 4th generation was only made available in New Zealand last week!  Is it a big upgrade?  It is not.  Performance and use of wattage gain is incremental as far as the CPU is concerned.  The upgrade comes with a negative condition as old motherboards using 3G Core cannot be upgraded to 4G core and new motherboard for 4G core cannot use 3G CPU.  This condition is due to different pin numbers of 3G (1150) and 4G (1155) CPU.   For the public level of specification of Superhawk 1150, please see this link:  For more information on 4G core CPU, see this:

Slim Micro Case

We will change the case for Compucon Diamond, Diamond Plus and Jasper very soon or around 1 October 2013.  The existing micro tower case (stock code 74L1) has served us very well for about 10 years with 3 aesthetic tuning in the period.  It is still a good case to use except that we were unable to source a power supply unit (PSU) that will meet the new regulations when our existing stock finishes.  As such we have changed the case model to another design and with a Gold level certification PSU (meaning 90% efficiency) as explained and showcased in the recent CPD seminar.  Please see the new case look info here:  For info on the new regulations based on Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS), see this:

Mid Workgroup Server

We would like to promote the use of Mid Tower case for Workgroup Server.  Why?  Our standard Full Tower case for Workgroup Server will not be continued when our current stock with non-certified PSU is used up.  On the other hand, our new stock of Mid Tower case comes with 450W Gold level certification PSU.  We have also obtained 2 choices of hot swap HDD caddies for mid tower.  Both are for 2.5” HDD or SSD.  One (SM28E1) has an expander backplane that allows 4 SATA/SAS channels to connect to 8 devices, and the other (SM28SA) does not have expander and requires 8 channels to connect to 8 devices.  The Mid Tower case provides for as many as 16 hot swappable HDD or SSD.  See the specification on the magic caddies here:

Short 1U Atom Server

Our server offerings can be seen as arranged in a matrix of 3x3.  On one axis are Platinum Dual Xeon, Workgroup Server Single Xeon, and Atom Server.  On the other axis are Blade, Optimized Rack, and Single.  The range is wide with Platinum DX Blade at the top and Single Short 1U Atom at the bottom.  Even at the bottom, we have 2 models of Short 1U Atom and we call them Industry PC and Server respectively.  To qualify as a server, this system is based on ECC memory, has IPMI (for out of band remote system management) with its dedicated RJ45 port, and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports.  Also this Atom is the first System-On-Chip from Intel.  See this: