2014-06 Peer Feedback (Koos)
June 2014
Several peers have given us detailed feedback on the CPD seminar held on 11 June 2014.  Whilst all of these feedbacks are valuable, one of them stands out as being very thoughtful.  This feedback was given by Koos Batelaan of Solvit Limited who has regularly attended all CPD seminars in Auckland for the last few years even though each attendance cost him over 8 hours of time inclusive of 4 hours of driving.  We appreciate very much his patronage and would like to share his thoughtful feedbacks with all other peers herewith. Koos has given us permission to publish his feedback notes on the website.  Feel free to comment further on his feedback or on CPD seminars to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Koos' feedback on the CPD Seminar of 11 June 2014 (agenda includes Outside the Square Black Holes, Parallel Computing technology and software, and Stefan Wong on modelling):

A The seminar

Outside the square - black holes: While their impact on us won't be relevant in our lifetimes, they are an interesting topic and I've always found all astronomy fascinating. However, it isn't entirely outside the square any more since you've been involved with SKA. But I enjoyed it.

Computing Technology landscape was a good update on where things are headed and confirmed that NZ should indeed be focusing on developing skills relating to the unseen part of the iceberg. It is a good extension on last month's seminar.

The Parallel Computing software theme revealed to me who the big players are with Microsoft trailing in catch-up mode. Also we have to pitch our skills and talents on the "Not good enough" sector of the market of large and small scale simulations. It is head bending stuff to penetrate into these areas - David and Goliath comes to mind. Good on you for competing with the big boys.

Some good progress seems to have been made already with the "credit card" form factor hardware on parallel computing trials.  Your 3 year project implementation plan was very illuminating from the timing point of view.  It's a tight program but it appears that you are on track so far.

Stefan Wong is a bright boy and I've no doubt he will go far in his field.  Technical Masters / PhD theses are always very in-depth and cover highly specialised material.  Unfortunately, most of it went over my head.  As you pointed out during the session, it would have been useful to know up front that his focus was data signal processing rather than object and motion recognition modelling.  He is a competent presenter and if the audience had been conversant with his field of research activity, I've no doubt he would have got his message across.

B Suggestion - A general one and not in response to just yesterday's seminar:

While you have made the prudent decision to pursue market technologies relating to the "unseen" part of the iceberg, current channel peers are probably still involved with the "seen" part. While they will have to follow your lead in due course, they may still like/need some seminar topics from time to time that support / cover areas in current technology relating to the "seen" part. But I'm only thinking on behalf of peers that are still actively involved in the "seen" part.  

TN response:  Compucon operates 5 teams.   The CPD seminar last month (May 2014) was on Team 4 being GPGPU computing.  Yesterday (June 2014) was on Team 5 being Non-Wintel computing.  Next month will be on Team 1 being the “seen” technologies.  August will either be Team 2 (heavy data systems) or Team 3 (IPVS).