2015-01 New Year Outlook
January 2015
Happy New Year!  Compucon is going into the 24th year of operation with a vote of confidence in our direction.  This short message explains why we are confident and urges our peers to share our confidence.

Change is a constant in the universe. Changes take place all the times- some are evolutionary and some are disruptive.  Everyone is aware that the traditional PC is being displaced by portable devices.  (Note: Business PC is not dead and will not die for the foreseeable future due to its unique value to businesses).  Is the transition evolutionary or disruptive?  The Internet could be described as disruptive as it has introduced a new medium of fast, low cost, and effective communication for linking up knowledge and resources around the world with or without intermediates.  Cloud computing is an evolutionary step of this disruptive technology, and mobile devices are part of the same event.  So the displacement of PC by portable devices is evolutionary.  If it is evolutionary and the change is expected, we should know what to do next.  Not always.  It is because evolutionary developments can be unexpected for those who do not see the whole picture when it is disruptive.  The Internet is a communication and delivery medium.  It can link up computing resources but it is not a computing resource.  
Compucon will continue engaging in the computing resource industry and will continue making use of the Internet as a communication and delivery medium.  We will continue the path of value creation started in late 2013 and our R&D efforts will start showing up the first fruits by the end of 2015.  Please work with Compucon collaboratively and share the fruits.  This message is a call to peers to work closer together.