2015-09 x86 Technologies converging with HPC
August 2015
Compucon CPD Program
9 September 2015 Wednesday
Compucon House Albany

4:30 - 6:00pm x86 Big Boys Racing into Parallel Computing (TN)
6:00 - 7:30pm Wine and Cheese

Note: This seminar is shorter than normal because Microsoft New Zealand requested to postpone the planned speech on Win10 to October in the last minute and we do not have enough time to organise another speech.

x86 Big Boys Racing into HPC

Subsequent to the shocking news of Intel paying US$16.7 billion to buy a non-PC business and HP splitting into two organisations soon, more news have broken out to indicate that the x86 big boys are crossing the Parallel Computing chasm right now with vigour.  The developments are of immense concerns to Compucon II because the big tides created by the big boys will carry or tank all small boats alike. 

For peers who have been following Compucon II developments, this session will confirm that our preparations for the last 2 years were realistic and may help our negotiation of the new tides.  For peers who were too busy with day to day earning, please join this seminar to catch up or else be prepared to lose the balance and be tanked by the big tides. 

Part 1 of the session will be a review of the top 3 x86 vendors namely Intel, AMD and Nvidia.  They have done a lot of research, development and industry connections to position themselves for a continuing presence and consolidated leadership in the new era. In fact, these big boys have been working on HPC quietly in the background for some time.  They are now revealing their weapons at a time when HP is about to complete its preparation to split into 2 companies, one dealing with consumer products and one for enterprises. 

What will happen to those vendors preparing for the Parallel Computing Era for the last few years?  The one with a very good potential of succeeding has been bought by Intel.  So x86 and Parallel Computing are closely linked now, and x86 will move to Parallel Computing very soon.  X86 acts as a bridge to the new era but we must accept that PC is being replaced by consumer devices.  Shifting our PC focus to Parallel Computing is the only way to stay in serious business.  Cross the bridge before it breaks apart.

Part 2 of the session will analyse the above situation and offer a roadmap for peers who are keen to do something.  There will be plenty of time for discussions.