2016-06 Virtual Reality and 15x Customer Benefits
May 2016
Compucon CPD Seminars
2016-06-08 Wed
Compucon House

Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in assisting Compucon channel peers to remain current and develop new competencies in information technology practices.  Please register by replying to this invitation message ASAP.

4:00pm – 5:00pm    Virtual Reality marks Industry Transition
5:00pm – 6:00pm    15x Customer Benefits
6:00pm – 7:30pm    Wine and Cheese

Intel has been in the news lately for sacking 10% of its worldwide workforce due to the decline of the PC industry and abandoning its previous mobile device plan.  Its CEO announced the Internet of Things as the new playground in addition to maintaining its dominance in data centres as the new business focuses.  The information industry is at a transitional state.  Predicting the next big wave after Moore’s Law is as difficult as foreseeing the dictating effects of Moore’s Law 50 years ago.  Nobody is spared of the confusion at this stage.  How do we do business then? This seminar will examine the following areas:

1.    Someone of a certain level of wisdom has laid out a checklist of 7 future proofing factors for investing in technology.  We will attempt to extract some juice from this list.

2.    Virtual Reality has stood out to be real for the amount of monies big players have already put in for crossing the chasm for mainstream adoption.  Can we obtain a free ride?

3.    If peers remember, Compucon did announce a change of focus in the last quarter of 2015 when HP announced splitting up into 2 companies and Intel purchasing Altera FPGA.  Parallel computing has entered the chasm!  Compucon must hurry up.   The last 8 months have allowed us to define a 15x customer benefit formula.

4.    The deeper we dig into the formula the harder is the dig.  Compucon is not the first party to reach this position as we saw some footprints.  We will join the successful group by identifying poles and gaps on the path to success.

5.    Moore’s Law supported general purpose computing.  Post-Moore Era supports specific purpose computing which exists in many forms.  One is called embedded computing which includes industrial computing.  We will provide one example in the professional audio video industry to illustrate how it works.

6.    Peers have been asking where the markets for parallel computing are.  The markets are currently taken up by premier team of IBM, Cray, and SGI.  However, new markets are emerging.  We will provide some suggestions.