2016-08 National Data Technologies Centre, NVMe
July 2016
Compucon CPD Seminars
2016-08-17 Wed
Compucon House

Continuing Professional Development plays an important role in assisting Compucon channel peers to remain current and develop new competencies in information technology practices.  Please register by replying to this invitation message ASAP.

4:00pm – 5:30pm    National Data Technologies Centre
5:30pm – 6:00pm    Non-Volatile Memory on Express
6:00pm – 7:30pm    Wine and Cheese

National Data Technologies Centre

NZ Herald had this news on 21 July 2016: “The collaborative Interact Centre of Technology Excellence, to be launched tonight by hosts Auckland University of Technology (AUT), aims to make New Zealand a leading developer of cutting-edge data tech, while helping retain the country’s top IT and data science graduates”. Interact is constructed of several pillars and the SKA New Zealand Alliance is a main one.  Compucon is a member of NZA and naturally becomes a member of Interact.  Interact is much bigger than AUT.  The initial membership consists of 8 universities, 12 crown research and council institutes, and 15 industry organisations.  As an indication of its scale, its budget exceeds $60 million over 5 years.  We will explain what it is, how Compucon will contribute and benefit, and what Compucon peers can expect to earn subsequently.  

Interact activities include research and development in several vertical application domains such as in health, social, transport, environmental, smart city, and Internet of Things.  Compucon is in the core technology group and will be engaged to assist technology developments in various vertical sectors over the long term.  In the short term, Compucon is working on two market on-ramp projects and they are intended to help our peers get onto the next generation technology bandwagon.    

Non-Volatile Memory on Express

NVMe is the latest generation logical device interface to supersede the 10 year old AHCI. We discuss how NVMe enables faster storage by unlocking 10x the bandwidth for the SSD of today and in the future.