NetClass Multimedia Thin Client
January 2006
NetClass is the ultimate multimedia solution that allows broadcasting of VCD or DVD quality movies to all thin appliances in the same network. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the software based broadcasting industry.

Netclass is an interactive software that enhances the experience of thin client-based classroom training. NetClass is engineering driven to make computer-based teaching in a thin client environment more effective. It allows teachers to perform online teaching on his/her own PC to all the thin clients on the same network.

Netclass has many advantages over the use of hardware solutions. A software-based solution is simpler to install and easier to maintain, and does not have doubled images/wavy lines in image transmission, or restricted line transmission distance.

  • NetClass can save different class models based on the actual classroom environment
  • The teacher can monitor student thin clients within the same network.
  • Student can provide a demonstration to all other students
  • Recording of screen to a file - teachers can pre-record a lecture to a file.
  • Playback of pre-recorded files - teachers can broadcast pre-recorded class curriculum to all students
  • Remote command - The teacher can remotely launch applications on the students' desktop.
  • File distribution - The teacher can distribute files directly to students.
  • Silence - The teacher can put a blank screen on all students' thin terminals.
  • NetMovie - Broadcast VCD or DVD quality movies to all students within the same network.