Loud Mouth Studio
I put pen to paper regarding my very own COMPUCON. I run a very successful audio production company producing everything from radio, TV and film trailers, ads and jingles, to children’s programs and stories. We currently have a New Zealand On Air funded program on the Classic Hits 97.4 network of radio stations called “That’s The Story”. This goes to air New Zealand wide every Sunday morning from 7 till 8 and features children’s stories, songs and competitions. This program, in its entirety, is produced on a COMPUCON computer system. I am a creative director- right brainer through and through. RAM to us still means a male goat, RAID is a fly spray & MOTHER BOARDS are what mum did the ironing on. I am by no means that computer literate, I know how my programs work and that’s about it. My trusty COMPUCON system has put up with my bashing and thumping and over use for nearly six years now without fault. I now run a company that pays wages and turns a very healthy profit all because of one metal box filled with stuff I know very little about. I congratulate the COMPUCON staff for creating a product that not only works well, it works without fault. I haven’t had a single technician look at my computer for nearly 6 years."