Kamo High School

Reference given on 2013-06-18

For the last 12 years Kamo High School has enjoyed a strong association with Compucon Computers and I can confidently say that their Technologies are second to none. Over this period they have progressed and gone from strength to strength in the industry with proven and mature technology across many hardware platforms and systems.

Our school model has seen consistent growth to over 520 computers where FFP (Fitness For Purpose) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has been paramount in the procurement of hardware platforms designs. The cyclic replacement programme has evolved superbly with each machine delivered with our own customised and tailor made software build. Every machine is therefore identical and perfect. This methodology has delivered reliability, longevity, and reduced our TCO hugely beyond expectation. Additionally, we have experienced significant performance gains in computing efficiencies with minimal downtime on a 24/7 network that provides for three key priorities; Curriculum delivery, Administration Databases and Printing, Community Education - Night school.

Compucon staff are extremely knowledge, very experienced, and as a skilled technical team provide us with solutions for an ever growing Server Farm.

Their costs for this service are very reasonable as they provide cost effective solutions for our high performance servers. The calibre of their hardware as we approach Data Centre size enables us to accommodate future growth leading to paths of redundancy.
A network as complex as ours requires the best gear for the job as opposed to an off the shelf offering or sales special for which there is not the support or back-up. Compucon stand by their work and continue to provide top class service for the life of their products.

Over the years, Compucon have given back to the school a lot in terms of knowledge transfer and exchange. For more than 10 years the General Manager and System Architect has offered extra-curricula technical presentations to our students every six months, familiarising them with industry and real world information that they do not learn in school; additionally, this encourages some to seek careers in the Computer Industry.

Compucon does many things in many ways above and beyond the call of regular customer service. For us their support never fades and we welcome and are most appreciative of their loyalty and outstanding service in allowing us to grow into a Leading ICT School.

Allan Halvorsen
IS Administrator

Reference given on 2006-01-24

on Microsoft NT4 based on a Client/Server structure to provide various applications and security levels to over 1450 students, teachers, support staff and community education users. In November last year, the School made a decision to upgrade to Windows Server 2003, XP Professional and Office 2003 in order to provide better security, enhanced stability and greater performance for all applications which includes multimedia- video, audio, and image editing. At the same time, the School also decided to reduce about 10 different hardware platforms within the network to just one in the near future. Based on the TCO concept, the School included the costs for system and user support in the purchase equation! The school bought 175 Compucon Jaspers to add to the existing platform of Compucon Tualatin, Titanium, Workgroup RAID and 30 Jasper desktops towards the goal of standardisation.

During the implementation stage, the School reaped immediate Return on Investment through fast remote software imaging services to a consistent and reliable hardware platform and was able to commission the new platform within minimum resources in 2 calendar months.

Allan Halvorson of KHS commented: .Set off a class of 30 overnight and the next day the entire room has a crisp, fresh installation ready for the users. Our TCO has been significantly reduced via this exercise. Our school demands Quality, and Compucon has given us First Class products and support. We are proud of the connection with Compucon and that we have built a state of the art network infrastructure making Kamo High a Flagship ICT School.