Compucon Computers New Zealand  

Compucon New Zealand is a well established system integrator for Super Micro Computer Inc. in New Zealand
and has served long time business partners.

The NZ operation is registered as Modern Technology NZ Ltd and has established a reputation for technical excellence based on sound engineering and other knowledge based practices. All manufacturing processes are certified by Telarc ISO 9002 quality standards at our Albany assembly plant in Auckland NZ.

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By partnering with world class component manufacturers, the Compucon group is able to build high quality computer systems with long term consistency and compatibility guarantees. Our strict ISO quality managed production method helps us achieve reliability standards that statistics tell us we are offering some of the lowest failure rates achievable in the industry. Technical knowledge in these processes is a key factor to this stability.

Compucon PC's are manufactured to the users requirements, with all Compucon PC's being built to meet the latest in the industry open systems standard. Consistency of components due to 100's of hours or prototype testing ensures seamless inter-operability with other systems.


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